Ana de Armas

The famous actress Ana de Armas, born in Cuba on April 30, 1988, is also of Spanish descent and a Spanish citizen. Ana de Armas, who moved to the USA at the age of 26, now lives in New York. Ana de Armas, who was married to Marc Clotet for a while, divorced and remained in love with Ben Affleck for about a year. Ana de Armas Movies and TV Shows usually take part in the roles of beautiful and sexy women. It is known that Ana de Armas looks very young and beautiful for her age, so she receives offers to take part in too many naked, nude, nudes, hot, and sex scenes from large-scale movies.


Ana de Armas Career

Ana de Armas, who started her professional cinema career in 2006, has been involved in films with huge budgets and broadcasts around the world throughout her film career. Ana de Armas took part in big and successful films such as Knock Knock, War Dogs, Blade Runner 2049, Knives Out, Deep Water, The Gray Man, and Blonde throughout her career is thought to be in big-budget productions and Hollywood films in the future. Ana de Armas, who gained worldwide fame and recognition, especially with the shows Knives Out and Blade Runner 2049, is also in the cast of the movie Ballerina, which will also feature Keanu Reeves.

Ana de Armas All Movies List

  • Una rosa de Francia – Marie
  • Madrigal – Stella Maris
  • Mentiras y Gordas – Carola
  • El callejĆ³n – Girl
  • Faraday – Inma Murga
  • Por un puƱado de besos – Sol
  • Anabel – Cris
  • Knock Knock – Bel
  • Exposed – Isabel de la Cruz
  • War Dogs – Iz
  • Hands of stone – Felicidad DurĆ”n
  • Overdrive – Stephanie
  • Blade Runner 2049 – Joi
  • CorazĆ³n – Elena RamĆ­rez
  • Knives Out – Marta Cabrera
  • The Informer – Sofia Hoffman
  • Wasp Network – Ana Magarita Martinez
  • The Night Clerk – Andrea Rivera
  • Sergio – Carolina Larriera
  • No Time to Die – Paloma
  • Deep Water – Melinda Van Allen
  • The Gray Man – Dani Miranda
  • Blonde – Marilyn Monroe
  • Ghosted – TBA
  • Ballerina – TBA

Ana de Armas TV Shows

  • El edĆ©n perdido – Gloria
  • El Internado – Carolina Leal SolĆ­s
  • Hispania, la leyenda – Nerea
  • Actrices – Herself