Best Dystopian Series




Revolution is an American drama set in a dystopian future with the theme of post-apocalyptic survival, starring veteran actors like Billy Burke and Tracy Spiridakos. In the Revolution series, there is a fictional story similar to the idea of ā€‹ā€‹humanity’s rejection of modernity and industrialization, such as the society structure recommended in the article “Industrial Society and Its Future,” a manifesto once published in the USA. In the Revolution series, electricity is gone all over the world. After this global event, humanity goes into inextricable chaos, and a kind of return to the age of feudalism begins. Set in a world without electricity and only the survivors are superior, Revolution is a rare and magnificent dystopian series.

Revolution Cast

  • Billy Burke
  • Tracy Spiridakos
  • David Lyons
  • Zak Orth
  • Daniella Alonso
  • Graham Rogers
  • Maureen Sebastian
  • Anna Lise Phillips
  • Giancarlo Esposito
  • Elizabeth Mitchell
  • J. D. Pardo

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of the most well-known long-running series, and the reason why it has been watched for years without losing its popularity is that it has continuous action and a very successful dystopian-survival story. The story of The Walking Dead series is fictionally about the spread of the Zombie virus all over the world, and modern human life and the human domination of nature to be replaced by an environment of chaos. In The Walking Dead series, Zombies are in a more cumbersome and more destructible form, unlike other zombie movies and series, and therefore, the survivors are considered lucky, unlike other zombie stories. The Walking Dead series is about the collapse of the world order after an epidemic and the struggle of man with a man from another point of view. The Walking Dead series finale was also published in 2022, and the series made its finale.

The Walking Dead Cast

  • Andrew Lincoln – Rick Grimes
  • Norman Reedus – Daryl Dixon
  • Chandler Riggs – Carl Grimes
  • Steven Yeun – Glenn Rhee
  • Laurie Holden – Andrea
  • Jeffrey DeMunn – Dale Horvath
  • Sarah Wayne Callies – Lori Grimes
  • Jon Bernthal – Shane Walsh
  • Melissa McBride – Carol Peletier
  • Lauren Cohan – Maggie Greene

Black Mirror

Black Mirror
Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a British futuristic-dystopian television series broadcast by Netflix. Unlike the classic series, the Black Mirror series tells a different story in each episode and touches on the apocalyptic situations that may occur in the future, future technologies, the social structure of the future, the social life of the future, the state laws to be applied in the foreseeable future and the people of the future. In addition to being one of the best dystopian series ever, Black Mirror can attract the audience’s attention with each episode because it tells a different story.



The Snowpiercer movie inspired the Snowpiercer series, was released as a US-made Netflix series as adaptation series and was liked by a large audience at the time of its release. Unlike the gloomy and cold weather of the Snowpiercer movie, the Snowpiercer Netflix series has warmer and more dialogical storytelling. The story of the Snowpiercer series is about an apocalyptic dopa event where everything suddenly freezes, and only those who live on the Snowpiercer train survive. The Snowpiercer is like an icebreaker that consists of 1001 wagons and, unlike conventional trains, never stops. The Snowpiercer series has a story that includes references to the political atmosphere of the world and that even in a post-apocalyptic world, rich-poor, strong-powerless, lower-upper class relations can exist.

Snowpiercer Cast

  • Daveed Diggs
  • Jennifer Connelly
  • Sean Bean
  • Rowan Blanchard
  • Alison Wright
  • Mickey Sumner
  • Annalise Basso
  • Steven Ogg
  • katie mcguinness
  • Lena Hall
  • Iddo Goldberg


Westworld Official Trailer

The Westworld series created a considerable agenda worldwide when it was broadcast and brought to mind the danger that artificial intelligence might gain a will in the future. The Westworld series has a story about artificial intelligence and robots. The story of the Westworld series is summarized as follows; In an artificial town made up entirely of robots, a wild west themed old building has been constructed, and people can enter this town by purchasing tickets and doing whatever they want with robots. In this sense, people enter Westworld with the desire to have sex with robots, kill robots, and play games with robots, such as role-playing games. Of course, in the later part of the story, the main question that the Westworld series asks the audience is: Can a machine have consciousness, will, and soul?

Westworld Cast

  • Anthony Hopkins
  • Evan Rachel Wood
  • Jeffrey Wright
  • Ed Harris
  • Ed Harris
  • James Marsden
  • Tessa Thompson
  • Angela Sarafyan
  • Aaron Paul